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What is the National Wealth & Health Organization? We are a group of individuals devoted to helping people develop healthy financial habits in order to meet long-term financial goals.

We focus on four main categories: Money, Insurance, Credit, and Retirement. We feel if you master these four financial areas, you put yourself in a good position to retire as a wealthy individual.

Money: Basic money management. This includes and heavily revolves around budgeting, but also we will discuss simple ways to save money in the short-term.

Insurance: Often overlooked, but plays a vital role in having a wealthy financial future. If you do not properly manage risk in your life, one unplanned for event can ruin your finances for years. Insurance allows you to transfer that risk to insurance carriers.

Credit: It plays a vital role in our life, but so few people really understand how it works, how to maintain good credit, or how to repair bad credit.

Retirement: Retirement starts with well defined goals. From there it is all about developing a well thought out plan to reach those goals.